19 may. 2008

Acid Bath: When the Kite String Pops (1994)

Track List:
01- The Blue 02- Tranquilized 03- Cheap Vodka 04- Finger Paintings Of The Insane 05- Jezebel 06- Scream Of The Butterfly 07- Dr. Seuss Is Dead 08- Dope Fiend 09- Toubabo Koomi 10- God Machine 11- The Morticians Flame 12- What Color Is Death 13- The Bones Of Baby Dolls 14- Cassie Eats Cockroaches

Quizás uno de los discos "underground" considerados como clásicos, de una banda dificil de catalogar, pero que podríamos decir que se trata de una banda de doom metal, claro que es una etiqueta que no le hace justicia a la banda. El artwork del disco se trata de una pintura del famoso serial killer Johm Wayne Gacy, mejor conocido como The Killer Clown.

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  2. this blog is AWESOME

  3. My Sister has the Acid Bath teeshirt with this albumcover design on it, she has no idea who they are though, it was given to her by an old club promoter friend of hers in a bag of clothes.