17 sept. 2008

Black Flag: My War (1984)

Track List:
01-My War 02-Can't Decide 03-Beat My Head Against The Wall 04-I Love You 05-Forever Time 06-The Swinging Man 07-Nothing Left Inside 08-Three Nights 09-Scream

Black Flag: Slip It In (1984)

Track List:
01-Slip It In 02-Black Coffee 03-Wound Up 04-Rat's Eyes 05-Obliteration 06-The Bars 07-My Ghetto 08-You're Not Evil

VNV Nation: Futureperfect (2002)

Track List:
01-Foreword 02-Epicentre 03-Electronaut 04-Liebestod 05-Holding On 06-Carbon 07-Genesis 08-Structure 09-Fearless 10-4am 11-Beloved 12-Airships

4 sept. 2008

Black Flag: Damaged (1981)

Track List:
01- Rise Above 02- Spray Paint The Walls 03- Six Pack 04- What I See 05- T.V. Party 06- Thirsty & Miserable 07- Police Story 08- Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 09- Depression 10- Room 13 11- Damaged II 12- No More 13- Padded Cell 14- Life Of Pain 15- Damaged I