11 oct. 2008

B.O.T.F: B.O.T.F (2008) [demo]

Track List:

Este es un demo de un proyecto (Blood On The Floor: B.O.T.F.) propio; lleno de distorsiones, samples y ruido, muy experimental con orientaciones al industrial noise. ES un demo que espero mejorar en algun momento. Primeramente consistia en un proyecto audio-visual pero se quedo solo en audio. Enjoy!

3 oct. 2008

Brian Eno: Compact Forest Proposal (2001) [5 Studies for "010101", San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2001]

Track List:
01-Compact Forest Proposal, Condition 5 02-Compact Forest Proposal, Condition 3 03-Compact Forest Proposal, Condition 4 04-Compact Forest Proposal, Condition 8 05-Compact Forest Proposal, Condition 7

Brian Eno: Extracts From Music For White Cube (1997)

Track List:
01- Notting Hill, Feb 20 02-Old Brompton Road, Feb 20 03-The Oval, Feb 24 04-Regents Park, Feb 1 05-Barbican Station, Feb 24 06-Bermondsey, Feb 24 07-Kentish Town, Jan 29 08- Lavender Hill, Feb 14 09-Camden Town, Feb 24

Instalación a cargo de Brian Eno para la galería White Cube en Londres, limitada a 500 copias.

Crass: Penis Envy (1981)

Track List:
01-Bata Motel 02-Systematic Death 03-Poison In A Pretty Pill 04-What The Fuck? 05-Where Next Columbus? 06-Berketex Bribe 07-Smother Love 08-Health Surface 09-Dry Weather 10-Our Wedding

Crass: Station Of The Crass (1980)

Track List:
01-Mother Earth 02-White Punks On Hope 03-You've Got Big Hands 04-Darling 05-System 06-Big Man, Big M.A.N. 07-Hurry Up Garry 08-Fun Going On 09-Crutch Of Society 10-Heard Too Much About 11-Chairman Of The Bored 12-Tired 13-Walls 14-Upright Citizen 15-The Gasman Cometh 16-Demoncrats 17-Contaminational Power 18-Time Out 19-I Ain't Thick, It's Just A Trick 20-System 21-Big Man, Big M.A.N. 22-Banned From The Roxy 23-Hurry Up Garry 24-Time Out 25- They've Got A Bomb 26-Fight War, Not Wars 27-Women 28-Shaved Women 29-You Pay 30-Heard Too Much About 31-Angels 32-What A Shame 33-So What 34-G's Song 35- Do They Owe Us A Living? 36- Punk Is Dead