21 feb. 2009

Accessory- More Than Machinery [2008]

Track List:

01-Humanity 02-If This Isn't A Dream 03-Acsy Girl 04-The Hole 05-Numbers And Bits 06-Heartattack 07-Take The Chance 08-Tanzflaechenmann 09-Big And Easy 10-Under Control 11-Gegen Den Strom

01-The Shape 02-Fuck The Terrorism 03-At The End 04-Tanzflaechenmann (Remix By Ashbury Heights) 05-Gegen Den Strom (Remix By Acylum) 06-Die Rebellion 07-Revolution 08-Notice From Addict 09-Despair

X Mal Deutschland- Fetisch [Re-2003]

Track List:
01-Qual 02-Geheimnis 03-Young Man 04-In Der Nacht 05-Orient 06-Hand In Hand 07-Kaempfen 08-Danthem 09-Boomerang 10-Stummes Kind 11-Qual (12" Remix) 12-Zeit 13-Sehnsucht

3 feb. 2009

Charles Manson: Live At San Quentin [1993] (recorded 1983)

Track List:
01-Boxcar Willie And Big Bad Joe 02-Television Min 03-Marilyn Monroe Was My Childhood Shame 04-Instrumental 05-And As I Told You On This Chord Once Before 06-So As The Hour Goes On That I Will Spend With You 07-I Got A Tough Bastard Child Want To Become Into A Samurai 08-So Today Has Been A Good Day 09-My Name Is Sam McGee 10-Take Me To The Summer Road 11-My Feelings Begin To Grow 12-And I'd Like To Say Hello To Some Of My Friends 13-So The Mood Was Broken

Grabaciones en vivo del infame-famoso Charles Manson, personaje de culto para algunos y maniático para la mayoría.

29 ene. 2009

Suicide Commando: Mindstrip [2000]

Track List:
01-Jesus Wept 02-Hell Raiser (Psychopath 01-Version) 03-Body Count Proceed 04-Raise Your God 05-Mindstripper 06-Run 07-Comatose Delusion (Overdose Shot Two) 08-Blood In Face 09-Love Breeds Suicide 10-Slaves