26 mar. 2010

Messer Chups: Zombie Shopping [2007]

Track List:
01-Darkness Is A Teenager's Friend 02-Cat Mobile 03-Flash Of The Night 04-When Knife Thrower Missed The Target 05-Zombie In A Mini Skirt 06-Girls In Orbit 07-Dried Human Head From Ecuador 08-Swamp Cowboy 09-Model 10-Swamp Surfing 11-With An Alligator In Your Hand 12-Holy Psychedelics 13-Vincent Price Is Coming To Russia 14-Hearty Dracula 15-Malvinella 16-Boys In Skeleton Costumes 17-Laughing Gas Attacking Jamaica 18-Popcorno Revenge

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  2. Gracias por reaparecer,quería compartir tambien contigo material de mi proyecto Dark folk/ experimental contigo
    Un abrazo desde la oración de las cenizas
    Cuidate mucho.

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