3 may. 2010

Throbbing Gristle: Funk Beyond Jazz [1980] (Bootleg) [Released 1993]

Track List:

Side A: Invocation Vision Serpent/Summoning Shield Jaguar/Rite Of Daath Balam-Lx/Persuasion Lady Xoc/Still Waking Bird Jaguar/Elipse Manche Chol

Side B: Murder Thee Abyss Bac-T'ul/Perforator God Quadripartite/Spirits Flying-Chac Xib-Chac/Disciplined Paddler Gods/The Scattering...

Otro documento no-oficial de una presentación en vivo; la cual sería su última presentación (pero claro está, ya estamos acostumbrados a los númerosos últimos-conciertos de Throbbing Gristle a lo largo de su trayectoria). A continuación transcribo alguna info del LP: "Recorded live on 23 december 1980, Heaven, King Cross, London. Whilst there was one more live disconcert by TG at the lyceum (with Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire, Z'ev and Boyd Rice) in real terms, historically, this is the last, unified performance by TG. Internal tension and transitions took an irreperable toll shortly hereafter..."

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